About Us

In the late 70’s, a young turner faced a situation of national economic crisis and had to make a decision, that would change so his life as well as the one of his family forever. He decided to start his business career.

It was a time where entrepreneurs didn’t have many resources and industry was based mainly on labor. He formed a team where initiative, creativity and specially effort, were his values to make products adapted to the needs and the moment of the market,  which started being local up to sell over the years throughout Europe.

Thus was born the first stage of Julián Siles, that was characterized by his great creativity and adaptability to the new technologies and processes of globalization, managining to transfer all his values and experience to his sons.

Nowadays, Creaciones Lisart, S.L., is a young and professional company with a great trajectory in the sector and with great possibilities of creation, taking care to the maximum of the needs of each of our customers.