We have all kind of zippers: open end, closed end, invisible, reversible, etc.

In different materials, such as metal or plastic; in any size and tape and in any color yoy may imagine.

Different types of teeth and zipper pullers. Ask for the information you may need.

We have your zipper.

New collection

Inspired by natural materials such as carey, horn, shell, marble, etc.

Presented these materials in buckles, buttons, picks, etc ... will give the differentiating finish to the garment.


Add laces to your creations and ethrall...



New trends add trimmings, in numerous materials and shapes. We introduce our new collection in polyester with earth, marble and safari tones, that will give a special touch where you place them.


Put on your belts maxi buckles with the finish you like. Make the difference.


We hare seen them in exhibitions and fashion shows, they are again hot at the waist of skirts and pants.

We have feft behind the skinny pants to give way to looser and lighter pants with large loops incorporating D-buckles in all their shapes and sizes.



We like then... on pants, sweaters, caps, gloves, slippers, everywhere...


Placed on shawl-belts o wherever you want, they always look nice.